Cost of Kashmir White Granite


Once you’ve decided that Kashmir white granite is the “I must have it” color, there are many factors to consider when pricing out granite for your home: do you want tiled granite or a slab, how fancy of an edge do you want, how much of a backsplash do you want, do you want to do it yourself or hire a professional?

If you are planning on doing it yourself than either you have a great deal of knowledge installing granite or you are going to choose tile. Kashmir granite tile is less expensive than slab and it is cheaper on the installation side since you aren’t paying someone to professionally install it for you.

Purchasing Kashmir granite tile

Kashmir granite tile can be found at a number of retailers including and Home Depot. In addition to the actual granite tiles, you will need trim pieces, backer board, thinset and installation tools, and grout. Typically Kashmir granite tiles cost between $7-$15 a square foot.

Granite Tile Kashmir White / 12 in.x12 in.x3/8 in.

Professional Installation

If you choose to have it professionally installed there are a number of things to keep you will want to request when choosing a professional contractor:

  • Free estimate – get at least 2 or 3
  • Make sure the estimate includes the extras such as the edge details, templating, installation, sealing, backsplashes, polish etc.
  • Request sample pictures, see if you can visit a home where they installed the granite
  • Check to make sure their seams are nice and tight. You will see seams, but they should smooth and level.
  • Keep in mind the cheapest granite and contractor may not be the best way to go. It you are going to be using this granite for a while you want to make sure you aren’t going to be annoyed with it down the road.

Professional installation of Kashmir white granite countertops average about $45-100/ sq ft installed. As you can see there is a large variance. If this is going in a home that you are going to be living in, you may want to pick a higher quality granite. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell your home and are just wanting to increase its marketability then you might be better off going with an installation on the lower end.

Kashmir White Granite Cost Estimator Worksheet


  1. Measure the length of your counter top in inches:_____
  2. Multiply the length of your countertop by countertop width (usually 26 inches)
    ______  X  _____ = ______
  3. Divide the total inches by 144
    _____ / 144 = _____ Your total square feet of counter space to cover with granite.

Now measure your backsplash length

  1. Measure the length of your backsplash in inches: _____
  2. Multiply the length of your backsplash by the backsplash height (usually 4 inches)
    ______  X  _____ = ______
  3. Divide the total inches by 144
    _____ / 144 = _____ Your total square feet of backsplash to cover with granite

Estimate Total Cost

$________ Surface square footage x cost per square foot

$________ Backsplash square footage x cost per square foot

$________ Sink/stove cut outs – for granite slabs ($250/each approx..)

$________ Tearing out the old counters ($200 approx.)

$________ Sink

$________ Contractor installation

$________ Total Granite Estimate

Keep in mind this is a rough estimate and the actual cost will vary on the current price of granite, how much the contractor charges for installation.

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